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Cam-Am Metallurgical Corporation - Sale of Complete Facility, Featuring Heat Treat & Plant Support Equipment!
Venue address
2731 Jerome Street
Detroit, MI
United States
Cam-Am Metallurgical Corporation - Sale of Complete Facility, Featuring Heat Treat & Plant Support Equipment!

Auction dates
Starts: May 17, 2022 07:00 AM ET
Ends from: May 18, 2022 10:00 AM ET
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By appointment only
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We found 76 items matching your search
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Contents of Room
Joy Mfg. Air Compressor
Champion Pneumatic Air Compressor
Lot 103
Dayton Dry Vacuum
Rolling Cabinet
Lot 106
Steel Table
Lot 111
Surface Combustion Gas Generator
Steel Cabinet
Lot 113
Dry Coolers Heat Exchanger
PowerTran Transformer
PowerTran Transformer
Steel Cabinet
Lot 118
Steel Rack
Lot 120
Pallet Rack
Lot 121
ADF Parts Washer
Cooling Station
Lot 124
Lift Table
Lot 125
Lot 126
Stainless Steel Tank
Natural Gas Tanks
Lot 132
Hydraulic Pump
Lot 133
Square D Transformer
Steel Desk
Lot 135
Shop Fans
Lot 136
Hitran Transformer
Federal Pacific Transformer
Lot 139
Landa Pressure Washer
Blower and Electrical Boxes
Lot 142
Tool Box
Lot 143
Little Joe Electric Power Pallet Jack
Pallet Rack
Lot 147
Refractory Brick, Fiber and Board
Clarke Parts Washer
Lot 151
Lot 154
Lot 162
Floor Scale
Lot 163
Job Box
Lot 165
Job Box
Lot 166
Dayton Upright Sump Pump
Lot 168
Sun Roofs
Lot 169
Motor Starters
Lot 173
Hevi-Duty Control Transformers
Steel Tank
Lot 177
Pallet Rack
Lot 178
Lot 180
Lot 181
CAT Pallet Jack
Lot 182
Heat Exchanger
Lot 183
Paint Cabinet
Lot 184
Thermo Exhauster Cooling Fan
Shop Fans
Lot 194
Dream Home Wood Flooring
Steel Table
Lot 196
Two Feeder Loading System