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Canopy Growth #6: Major Online Auction Featuring Cannabis Lab, Extraction, Processing & Production Equipment
Venue address
Multiple Locations In Canada & USA
, CA
United States
Canopy Growth #6: Major Online Auction Featuring Cannabis Lab, Extraction, Processing & Production Equipment

Auction dates
Starts: Mar 20, 2023 12:00 AM ET
Ends from: Mar 22, 2023 10:00 AM ET
Viewing dates
By appointment only
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There are 838 lots within this auction
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We have chosen not to publish our results. Please contact us directly for any enquiries.
MJ Finisher - GR00073 Fertilizer
MJ Grow - GR00070 Fertilizer
MJ Bloom - GR00072 Fertilizer
MJ Boost - GR00069 Fertilizer
Pallet Jack, Orange
2 Skids of Black Pots, KC-27Cm
Gravity Separator
Vinyl Strapping Machine, Blue
(10) Cases Supersprouter Air Max Tray Inserts
(8) Cases of Chlorine Sanitizer
Assorted Black Plastic Trays & 1 Skid Florapro
15 Boxes of Mondi Vented Domes
1 Skid Of Black Plastic Pots
1 Skid Propagation Trays
1 Skid of Urea Prill
Spill Containment Pallet
Spill Containment Work Ramp-In The Box
Plant White Plastic Netting
Nortec Gas Humidifier (Still In The Original Box)
(2) Boxes Grow Plugs, (3) Boxes Insulators
1 Skid Of Black Plastic Pots, 0.75 Gallon
4 3' High Orange Reflective Traffic Cones
3 Skids of Black Plastic Pots, KC 27Cm
2 Skids Disposable Masks
1.5 Skids Mondi Black & White Propagation Trays
All Warehouse Racking
1 Skid AOK Grow Plugs
1 Skid Insulated Foam Shipping Containers
Toyota Lift Truck W/ Battery & Charger
FloraPro Grow 10-12-22 Fertilizer
FloraPro Calcium + Micros 14-0-0 Fertilizer
FloraPro Bloom 7-12-27 Fertilizer
Spray Wands, 30"L
Grow Monitors & Jars Rootech Cloning Gel
Light Meter
Lot 315
Light Meter
Lot 316
Traceable Hygrometer
Quantum Flux Meter
Traceable Hygrometer
SS Table 6' L With 1 Shelf
SS Table 4'L With 1 Shelf
SS Table 6' With 1 Shelf
Bar Sized Refrigerator With Glass Door
Rolls of Plastic Bags
PPE Assorted, Tyvek Suits
Assorted Black Plastic Pots
Assorted Chairs & Stools
Shipping Desk
Lot 329
Assorted Black Pots
Laundry Cart
Lot 331
Wire Stands Approx 12
SS Table 6'L With 1 Shelf
Printing Supplies For Labelers, Plant Tag Diff
SS Table 6'L With Shelf
Metal Rack, 2 Door Storage Cabinet
AOK Grow Plugs, Mesh BTM Trays & More
SS Table, 6'L With Shelf
SS Table, 6'L With Shelf
SS Clone Cart with Luminaire LED Fixtures