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Impossible Foods: Online Auction Featuring Food Production And R&D Equipment!

Auction dates
Starts: Dec 14, 2023 12:00 AM PT
Ends from: Dec 15, 2023 09:00 AM PT
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True Lab Refrigerator
Nuaire Biological Safety Cabinet
Nuaire Biological Safety Cabinet
Bio Rad Peltier Thermal Cycler
VWR Static Incubator
VWR Symphony Incubator
VWR Duel Incubator
Infors Multitron Incubator Shaker
Sartorius BS-1 Incubator Shaker
Beckman Biomek NXP Liquid Handler
Sartorius Biostat B Plus Bioreactor
American Panel Blast Chiller
HarvestRight Freezer Dryer
Thermo Dionex UltiMate 3000
True Double Sliding Glass Refrigerator
Beckman Allegra X-15R Centrifuge
Leco Pegasus High Throughput TOFMS
Ceia THS/MS21 Metal Detector
Lancer Glassware Washer Dryer
Cherry Burrell Stainless Reactor
Stainless Gravity Roller Conveyor
BPG Chromatography Column
BPG Chromatography Column
Agilent Autosampler G1367
Mobile Filtration Assembly
KrosFlo Hollow Fiber Filters Modules
Multi-Chamber HDPE Column